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About this blog

This is a new blog created in solidarity with migrants and refugees getting lost at the borders of Europe. In solidarity with their relatives and friends.
It is planned to become a small structure of support, providing answers to procedural questions, i.e. of searching for somebody who tried to cross a border but never appeared again and contacts to the institutions, NGOs and individuals that can help.
The reason for building this blog are the destinies of people who lost their relatives at the land border between Greece and Turkey – in the region of Evros.
This blog is also a space of communication about stories of loss and of exchange of experiences.

Lost at Borders is a Blog made by a network of solidarity people to help in finding people who got lost at the Greek borders. We are a group of antiracist activists from different countries who have been already involved in the search of immigrants who got lost at the border between Greece and Turkey. Unfortunately every year hundreds of people disappear while trying to cross the European borders leaving their families and friends behind with anxiety and fear about their whereabouts. Since moving populations such as migrants and refugees often have their relatives in other countries waiting for them, it can be quite difficult to find some information on what has happened when somebody is missing at the border. We want to help and fill this information gap. We want to connect the relatives and friends of border victims to each other and we want to let you know and feel that you are not alone on this journey! The borders that separate our world into pieces called nations are a construction of walls which have open doors for some while for others they are closed. We do not see them as a protection shield but as a killing machine that has no reason of existence. Our struggle is for a world without borders an for free movement of all people. NO BORDERS!